Creative business focus: Ron Lawson

Over the past year, 45 creative practitioners and organisations from across Sunderland have received £1000 funding via the CLLD Creative Industries Grant to help support the growth of their business.

We’ve taken the opportunity to highlight some of the recipients of the funding here in our blog to shine a light on their work, their creative business and plans for the future.

First up is none other than Dr Ron Lawson….

Tell us about you and your creative business?

I’m Dr Ron Lawson, I’m a fine artist working in the medium of steel and bronze sculpture. I’m also an academic in Sunderland University Business School and I use arts-based approaches in my teaching on leadership and professional practice programmes. I’m Sunderland born and bred and developed my metalworking skills as a time served sheet metal worker in Sunderland. Working under the name of Stanson, homage to my father Stan who was a keen amateur artist, I create commissioned steel public art sculptures.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I’m working on a public art sculpture for the Old Mill Road housing development for Sunderland City Council. The work involves a forged and welded steel 3D relief featuring oak tree branches as a frame for an old windmill scene with a cast bronze center piece of two flying ducks.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by the interaction of people and their natural and industrial landscapes.

What did you do with the CLLD grant?

With the grant I purchased a new computer and software to enhance my capabilities in relation to designing and creating artworks.

How has it helped you grow or support your business to do new things?

The grant has enabled me to create better bid proposals as well as better design and project management of my current artworks.

What are you hoping your business will achieve in the coming year?

I’m hoping further develop my portfolio of artistic activities to include collaborative works with other artists and communities.

Where can we find out more about you?

The Sunderland Community Led Local Development Programme (CLLD) is a five year programme to deliver local jobs and economic growth, supported with funding from the European Structural Investment Fund.


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