Sunderland Artist & Photographer Jasmine Davy talks music, gig memories and Paint The Town In Sound virtual exhibition

As we start to move towards the end of our Paint The Town In Sound x University of Sunderland Virtual Exhibition Take Over, which closes end of Sunday 23 May, we thought we’d squeeze in this quick blog post from University of Sunderland artist, Jasmine Davy.

If you’ve been following our Sunderland Culture and Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens social media, you’ll know all about our Paint The Town In Sound x University of Sunderland Virtual Exhibition Take Over. And if not, well here is a quick recap!

Paint the Town in Sound is a beautiful, colourful exhibition curated by Sunderland band Field Music and explores the vibrant and often playful relationship between art and music and the direct links forged between musicians and artists. Fifteen students, from University of Sunderland’s School of Art and Design, have produced artwork in response to Arts Council Collection pieces on display in the Paint The Town In Sound virtual exhibition and they’ve been added for a limited time to the main virtual exhibition. This student takeover features work by Alexandra Gould, Caitlin Isabella Savage, Karine Jay, Katie Stewart, Lucy Archer, Natasha Kerr Armstrong, Rayanne Noble, Simon Green, Stuart Teears, Lyn Killeen, Lorraine Lawler, Jane Young, James Hutchinson & Graham Mitchinson, Linda Howe Candler and…..

Jasmine Davy! Jasmine is a documentary photographer with a particular interest in industrial and working environments and the people found within them. Jasmine’s photography responded to Paint The Town In Sound, Arts Council Collection work of Bob Jardine, Not Titled, 1984. Her contribution to the takeover, are wonderful photographs of a live band; certainly make us crave going to live music gigs in venues and depicts that magic brilliantly.

We caught up with Jasmine last week, to find out more about her work, what the takeover means to her and why you should take time out to visit the virtual exhibition before it closes, on 23.59pm on Sunday 23 May. Over to you Jasmine.

“I graduated last year from the University of Sunderland with a BA Honours in Photography, Video and Digital Imaging. At the moment, I am studying for an MA in Fine Art, also at Sunderland. For my BA I worked mostly in industrial environments creating photographic and video work focused on shipbuilding.

Alongside this I was also working on sports photography documenting trail running and off-road ultramarathons that take place in my local area of North Yorkshire.

Image by Jasmine Davy.

I’m one of many artists, chosen to feature in the Paint The Town In Sound x University of Sunderland Virtual Exhibition Take Over. The set of prints by Bob Jardine from the Arts Council Collection, caught my attention because they made me think about small gig venues that I have been to in the past. You know the type, where everyone knows each other, the same people turn up each time, dressed up in all their best leather, ripped fishnet tights and over the top makeup!? I found Jardine’s work relatable to me and the things I enjoy.

When I thought about making a response to this work, I knew I had images from some voluntary work I had done in 2019; I had photographed bands playing at small local venues in Newcastle. I felt that my images already showed what I wanted to convey but decided to convert them to black and white, as a homage to Jardine’s images. I wanted my work to show the closeness of small gig venues and the relaxed laid-back atmosphere that these venues and our North East region music scene can have.  

Image by Jasmine Davy.

Looking at my photographs, during a pandemic, where we are separated from everyone , really made miss going out, meeting friends and attending gigs.  I have some friends that I only see at gigs and it has been a long time since we have been able to meet up. I am really looking forward to live music returning post-pandemic, jumping about and having a laugh with friends. Like many, I have really missed live music, it is such a good way to take your mind of everything else you have going on and feel immersed in music but present – even if it’s just for a few hours.

Image by Jasmine Davy.

Small music venues create a very different atmosphere to large ones. There is a much more intimate and relaxed feeling and people don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying the music. My work shows people, both performers and audience, connecting with the music and forgetting all about any worries or problems which they may have going on in their lives. Bob Jardine’s photos show people being themselves, relaxing and having fun, it doesn’t matter who you are, how you’re dressed or what your job is; all that matters is the present moment.

Image by Jasmine Davy.

I am really thankful that my work features in Paint The Town In Sound x University of Sunderland Virtual Exhibition Take Over. This Paint The Town In Sound student takeover means a lot to students as it a chance for us to get our work out there into the world, which is especially important during pandemic, when many venues, galleries and opportunities have had to close their doors. It is such an important and big thing to be able to take our work from our studios and university courses and put it out there for other people to see and interact with it.

Another important thing about the takeover, is that it provides a way for anyone with access to a digital device to check out work by and support local Sunderland artists. Just by visiting the exhibition, you’re looking and engaging with our work – which I find really encouraging in my career. So, people should definitely go take a look at the exhibition before Sunday 23 May; whether you are interested in photography, painting or sculpture there is work connected to music that everyone can enjoy.”

Thank you Jasmine – you can connect with Jasmine via her Instagram and/or website.

The virtual exhibition student takeover is available to view until Sunday 23 May and student pieces are marked with yellow icons. Follow the link to enter the virtual exhibition – you can see both Jasmine Davy’s and Bob Jardine’s work.

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