Our Board

Sunderland Culture was formed in April 2016 as a partnership set up by Sunderland City Council, the University of Sunderland and the business-led Sunderland MAC (Music, Arts and Culture) Trust.

Its brief is to manage cultural venues across Sunderland and develop city-wide cultural projects.

Sunderland Culture’s activities are managed by a board comprising directors from each of the three partner organisations along with five independent members.  The chair of the board is Jane Earl.

Trustees of Sunderland Culture Charity Board are:

Jane Earl – Chair
Annabel Turpin
Steve Knight
Ian Kershaw
Cllr Linda Williams
Andrew McKay
Gillian Miller
Marie Nixon
John Mowbray
Irra Wimpenny
Ram Ramanthas
Roy Sandbach
Sheree Rymer

Directors of Sunderland Culture Trading Company include:

Gillian Miller – Chair
Rebecca Ball
Ian High
Andrew McKay
Michelle Daurat
Neil Smith
Nick Reed