Online Arts Award

Hello! Welcome to our online Arts Award page!

We’re really pleased to meet you. Over the next few weeks Sunderland Culture will be running a digital 6 week Discover Arts Award. Over 6 weeks, starting on the 25 May, participants will do fun activities, find out about some of the artists we work with, discover new things about our venues and share their journey with others. At the end you will gain an Award and certificate!

Our How To video and Introduction sheet below explains everything you need to know about ‘What is Arts Awards?’ ‘Who can take part?’ and ‘How does it work?’

The first three sections are available below, however there’s no rush, you can do them in your own time. The next sections 4 & 5 will be available from Monday 15 June, Section 6 will be available from Monday 29 June and you will be able to submit your work from 6 July.

Sign up to receive weekly emails and secure your FREE moderation place! 

If you prefer to do one section per week, or you just need a little prompt (understandably homeschooling means there’s even more to remember at the moment) you can sign up to receive emails from us with each week’s activity below.

Also, the first 150 people to sign up will also have their Arts Award moderated for free. If we have any remaining free moderation places after submission opens on 6th July, they will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Please sign up individually for every child you would like to take part so we can factor them into the 150 moderation places. Thanks 🙂