Amra Shobai Aikhaney (We Are Here)

1 April – 29 April

Sunderland Women’s Art Group – a women artists’ collective, curates this exhibition to mark 20 years of Sangini and its remarkable work through arts, culture and heritage involving women from diverse communities across Sunderland, South Tyneside and the wider North East. Women artists from various cultures and nationalities have come together to celebrate women’s art in contemporary times.

‘Amra Shobhai Aikhaney – We Are Here’ is an opportunity to present a creative response to the ethos of friendship, care, diversity, resilience and cultural activism that informs Sangini’s work with women, especially from Black and minoritised communities and create a ‘space’ that is diverse, welcoming and inspiring.

To do so, the artists have reimagined the space, creating a temporary home that invites the visitors to collaborate, co-create and have fun. In that, visitors are an important part of this exhibition. It welcomes and inspires them to participate, in other words, they are a part of this exhibition both as visitors as well as creators.

This exhibition brings a unique perspective on women’s art in contemporary times – including the current war in Ukraine. Artists from different nationalities and cultures are represented here, providing visibility to a truly diverse feminist expression.

As part of the exhibition, Sunderland Women’s Art Group will be hosting a series of free workshops in various artforms, with work produced forming part of the exhibition. These include:

Paper Folding, Zene Making and Zentangle Design – Saturday 1st April, 1-3pm

Wycinanki Easter Egg Decorating and Card Making – Wednesday 5th April, 1-3pm

Introduction to Arabic Calligraphy – Wednesday 12th April, 1-3pm

A Pocket for You – Saturday 15th April, 1-3pm

Rangoli – Saturday 22nd April, 1-3pm

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