Arts Chat: Let’s talk about Failure

22 November 2022, 4pm-6pm

Hosted by Susanne Burns

Creative Space (Room DG302), Northern Centre of Photography
Level 3, David Goldman Building,  
St Peter’s Campus
University of Sunderland 

Arts Chat is a Sunderland Culture event which brings together artists and creatives to discuss an issue we might all be thinking about but might not have the space to talk about! It’s a chance to listen to practitioners’ insights on a subject, explore research and good practice, ask questions and have a chat.

This Arts Chat we are lucky to have Susanne Burns, who is an independent consultant for the cultural sector based in Sunderland. Susanne is currently a ‘Failspace champion’ on a national AHRC funded research project that explores how the cultural sector can better recognise, acknowledge and learn from failure. The Failspace project has developed a set of principles and tools to help people working in the cultural sector to have more honest and open conversations about failure.

You can read more about the Failspace research here:

In this session, Susanne will reflect on the Failspace research and will look at how we talk positively about failure as an important component of success.

  • Are we scared of failure?
  • How can we embrace it?
  • Can we normalise the way we talk about it?

We will consider whether we avoid talking about failure in our work and why we do so. Talking about failure openly and honestly enables us to see it as something we learn from rather than something to be punished. It can underpin a learning based approach to reflection and evaluation which embraces different points of view and is about improvement and not accountability. 

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