Arts Council Collection Print Display

Selected by We Make Culture’s Young Musicians Project

Coming Soon / Level 2
FREE / No booking required

The Arts Council Collection is primarily a collection of modern and contemporary British art, but early on in its history it also acquired prints by major 20th-century European artists alongside British artists, forming an outstanding collection of more than 1,500 printed works by over 500 artists.

This is the second in a series of three print displays selected by local community groups from the Arts Council Collection. The display has been chosen by We Make Culture’s Young Musicians Project, a dynamic group of young musicians from Sunderland who have been exploring and responding to the vast and extraordinary collection.

The group have selected a range of prints by female artists in the Arts Council Collection. Inspired by the interrelation between art and music the prints have sparked the collective imagination of the group.

Artists included: Gillian Ayres, Fiona Banner, Vanessa Bell, Mary Fox, Paula Rego and Young Musicians Project members, Sara Heraoua, Paige Smith and Charlotte Stothard.

Part of Sunderland Culture’s National Partners Programme with the Arts Council Collection.

To learn more about We Make Culture and their Young Musicians Project visit:


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