Babes in Arms Comedy Club

Thursday 28 March, 1.30pm, Tickets £8 (Babies are free!)

Oh look you’ve got a baby, that’s good! Now what? It’s pretty full on having a bairn even more so if you feel isolated and bored in the house.

The regular baby groups can be fun but sometimes you don’t feel like singing nursery rhymes over and over again or trying to squeeze your pram in to a café to attempt to drink a coffee (while it’s hot) what else is there?

If you are looking for some entertainment but a baby sitter isn’t an option for you right now then maybe come along to our Babes in Arms gig, it’s an afternoon of stand-up comedy (for grownups) that you can bring your baby too, join us in an accessible venue, meet other like-minded parents/guardians, have a laugh, have a drink, have a lovely time with your baby too. We have toys and a squashy mat for tummy time so they don’t have to literally be in your arms the whole time!

Nicola Matalios
After being a regular at local live gigs Nicola started getting free tickets because of her gloriously loud laugh. After trying her hand at stand up herself in 2010 she never looked back.
Nicola was a finalist in the Laughing Horse and the So You Think You’re funny? competitions in 2011 and went on to perform her debut hour “Little Miss Adventure” at the Newcastle Comedy festival in 2014. She was also part of the comedy sketch group “Funny Team” during 2014. In 2016 Nicola performed her shoe “Cult Following” at The Edinburgh Fringe festival, a show about leaving religion, sexuality and identity.
In August 2013 Nicola’s character act “Zoe” was born. Zoe is a dog obsessed oddball who commands an audience with her chaotic, hilarious yet endearing presence.
Performing as both Zoe and herself Nicola has some 12 years experience performing stand up, Mcing, performing at clubs, festivals, family shows and corporate shows around the UK.

Kelly Rickard
Felt Nowt New Act of the Year Winner Kelly Rickard is ‘brutally honest and hilarious!’ (Rosie Ramsey). ‘Kelly is is next year’s big star.’ (Creative Tourist). ‘This is one to take a chance on and discover the next big thing before they even know it.’ (Manchester Wire). The Babes in Arms gigs hold a special place in Kelly’s heart because she went completely doolally with hormones and loneliness after having her own babies and would’ve loved somewhere lovely and funny to attend with them. (Instead of sobbing through ANOTHER round of ‘Wheels on the bus’).

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