Pink-collar Gallery presents Belonging
25th April – 4th May 2024
Preview Evening – 25th April 17.00 – 20.00
Celebrating creative identities within the Sunderland community
Bridie Jackson // Catherine Forsyth // Ellie Clewlow // Bethany Stead // Mark Parham

About the Belonging Project.
An industrial past overpowers Sunderland’s culture. Cultural spaces proudly show our past
achievements, but communities in these declined areas of the industry still live on and have
been forgotten. To celebrate the importance of belonging five creatives have held creative
workshops in different communities around Sunderland, asking people who live in Sunderland
what Belonging means to them. The works commemorate the history of Sunderland,
referencing glass making, shipbuilding and coal mining but with a contemporary twist of modern
stories. The output from these workshops has inspired new works shown in this exhibition.
These new commissions celebrate the continuing story of Sunderland and the importance of
showing working-class stories and celebrating the communities that belong to lost industrial
villages in Sunderland through art.

About Pink-collar Gallery
Pink-Collar Gallery is an online space dedicated to the promotion of underrepresented groups
and using art to promote equality. Developed by Sunderland-based curator Michaela Wetherell
whose particular passions are highlighting female (under)representation within the arts and the
relevance of working-class identity.
Starting online to support artists in the pandemic and to develop an exhibition programme.
Since 2020 Pink-collar has worked with over 155 artists, commissioned 20 new pieces of work
and focused on issues such as mental health, working-class identity and femicide. In 2024
Pink-collar is growing the gallery to a physical space which will be located in Sunderland.

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