Chinese New Year of the Dragon Activation Circle

Wednesday 7 February 2024
£14 per person

This February we move into the Chinese New Year of the Dragon. We are very blessed to have the return of dragon energy helping to uplift the vibration of Earth right now, with many dragons returning to offer their service to the planet, and to individuals if we can learn how to tune in and ask for it.

Join meditation and energy coach Shaney Barton in a guided meditation activation to call in your personal dragon spirit helper and to learn about the service work of the majestic dragons. This session is accompanied by a grounding mediation, dragon fire energy release technique to let go of old stuck energies as well as a dragon oracle card reading. Don’t miss this unique, high-vibrational circle.

Please bring a blanket, journal and pen. We provide either a cushion or chair, but you might want to bring a mat or extra cushion for comfort. Admittance may only be possible during the first 15 minutes of the event, so as not to disturb people during meditation. Please check your travel time and parking routes as Sunderland city centre is very busy during peak hours. Circles last approximately 75 minutes.

What to expect: Join meditation and energy coach Shaney Barton in the Winter Gardens, a gorgeous safe space, where you will be held in candlelight and sound while we perform our Moon practice. You will feel relaxed and refreshed at the end of the session, learning tools that you can take forward with you on your wellness journey.

Tickets for these events are bookable in advance only and non-refundable. Spaces are limited.

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