Dinosaur Egg Hunt

Take part in our virtual Dino Egg Hunt this Easter!

Can you help Tina the Triceratops find her 8 dino babies that are hiding around the virtual Winter Gardens? They’ve just hatched from their eggs and are really hungry but what healthy snacks do they want to eat?

Find out by clicking on each baby dino in our virtual Dino Egg Hunt below to reveal a clue and a special letter. Collect the answers on your activity sheet as you go along and then unscramble the letters to spell a themed word!

You can download and print your Dino Egg Hunt activity sheet here: Dino Egg Hunt Activity Sheet

Dino Egg Hunt – How To Guide
  • You will find the 8 dino babies and dinosaurs in different ‘scenes’ around the virtual Winter Gardens. The opening scene also has clickable symbols (a clipboard and musical note) to download the activity sheet and to play a video of songs.
  • Click on the dino babies and dinosaurs in the scenes to reveal different facts and clues.
  • You can pan around in each scene to search for the dino babies and dinosaurs.
  • To move left, right, up and down in a scene swipe the touchscreen on your phone or i-pad with your finger. To move around a scene on a laptop, hold down the left-side of the touchpad with your finger as you swipe left, right, up and down on the touchpad with your other finger.
  • To move from scene to scene in the Winter Gardens click on the arrows on the floor.
  • You can follow the arrows in different directions around the Winter Gardens to find the dino babies and dinosaurs.
Win a Dino Prize!

We really hope you enjoy the Dino Egg Hunt and would love to know more about what you think. This will help us to plan more exciting family activities over the coming months.

Simply fill out this short survey and you will be entered into a prize draw to win a dinosaur cuddly toy:

There will be 3 prize winners (one prize per household) and the draw will take place on Monday 26 April. Winners will be notified by e-mail.

Thank you!


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