The Flow Country

24 August – 20 October 2019

Discover the Flow Country — one of Europe’s last wild places.

An exhibition exploring the vast peatland landscape in the far north of Scotland – a special place for wildlife and it’s key role in defending us against climate change.

The Flow Country is a place of vast inspirational landscapes, an epic backdrop to fascinating details, from soaring hen harriers to insectivorous plants. Although is not that far from Inverness, most of us know little about it or have not even heard of it. This is the ideal chance to find out more about this rare national treasure.

Find out about the wildlife and people of the Flow Country, how peat forms and why it is important to us, the ongoing restoration work, how the Flow Country is inspiring artists, and more.

Explore the area through imagery and film, along with an innovative 3D landscape model that allows you both to fly over the whole area and then walk across a bog without getting your feet wet! There is also a computer game and activities for children.

The exhibition has been organised partnership with RSPB Scotland and the Peatlands Partnership, with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund.