Echoes of Light: Exhibition of Engraved Glass by Northern Members of The Guild of Glass Engravers

Lower ground floor foyer

The Northern Branch of the Guild of Glass Engravers is the foremost group of glass engravers in the North of England. Joining the Northern Branch exhibition is guest exhibitor James Denison-Pender, renown stipple engraver.

Members of the Northern Branch who are exhibiting are: Sandra Snaddon FGE, Jenny Stourton FGE, Junko Eager FGE, Dawn Douglas, Adrian Atkinson, Rosie Campbell, Judith Gill, Kate Kyne, Debbie Brown, Janice Denley, Jan Lawson, Liz Crossley, Peter Russell.

The exhibition features a wide variety of different types of glass, including cased coloured glass, vases, bowls and goblets, with decorative and figurative engraving covering a range of subject matter. The glass in the exhibition showcases a variety of engraving methods, such as surface, intaglio, wheel and stipple engraving.

In addition to creating an exciting visual display, the exhibition is an opportunity for those new to glass engraving to learn about and appreciate the artistic abilities of the engravers, and stimulate interest in this wonderful medium amongst a wider audience.

Many of the pieces in the exhibition are for sale.

The Northern Branch members meet quarterly at Patrick Brompton, near Bedale, to hold engraving sessions and weekend tutorials with invited well-known engravers.

The Guild of Glass Engravers is a charitable organisation with worldwide membership, whose main objective is to inform, educate and captivate the public about the art of glass engraving. To fine more information about the Guild and its branches, please visit the Guild website.


Engraving demonstrations by exhibiting artists will be taking place between 11- 3pm during the exhibition, and will be happy to answer your questions and talk to visitors about this fascinating art.

Dates for demonstrations include:

  • Saturday 6 November
  • Sunday 28 November
  • Saturday 4 December
  • Sunday 12 December