Enjoying Mindfulness and Spring

Join us at our Granary Room Retreat
Saturday 7 May 2022, from 9am

We’re very excited to bring you our fourth seasonal retreat as The Little Company of Calm.
As we move into spring, join us for a full day or half day of joy and mindfulness in the beautiful Granary

Pricing: £45 half day or £70 full day, for more information email [email protected]

Discover joy and calm through mindfulness

Your day, in detail…
9:00 Welcome and introductions
9.15 Coming to stillness – a short breathing meditation
9.20 Enjoying Mindful Movement – Qi Gong for energy
9.45 Soothing body scan
10.15 Break

10.45 Joy through the sights and sounds of spring
11.15 Walk/reflection
12.00 Metta – loving kindness meditation
12.30 Lunch (end of retreat for half day)

13.30 Mindful movement
13.45 Talk, reflection and practice on
joy through mindfulness
14.30 Gratitude and joy
15.00 Break

15.10 Short talk and practice – rewiring for happiness
15.30 Silent practice with bells
16.00 Coming out of silence
16.30 Close

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