FieldJournal – Kim McDermottroe

28 July – 27 August 2022

Kim sometimes struggles to know how to fit in the world, so she invents characters and spends time in theirs.

In 2021, Kim received a Developing Your Creative Practice (DYCP) Grant from Arts Council England. FieldJournal activates her sketchbook, allows her to develop ideas, meet her characters in 3D and experiment with animation.

What started as a six page ‘Necronomicon’ book of illustrations for a local short film, it has now grown to 100 pages of characters. Kim has been adding pages since 2017, in between commissions.

Kim is an artist. She is also autistic and experiences pareidolia. Kim sees faces everywhere. This can be very intense for her. She has an immediate connection with and empathy for the character peeping out from the knots in a tree or the marks on a path. It’s in these moments she finds lots of her characters.

Although detailed, her illustrations don’t aim for hyper realistic “portraits” of the faces she sees, but rather they are a starting point of inspiration.

This FieldJournal exhibition will show her rough sketches, illustrations, her puppets and short experimental animated sequences which explore story and movement in stop motion.

After graduating in 2002, Kim has been freelance and worked as a costume and puppet designer/maker, illustrator and creative director. This is her first solo exhibition.

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