Flesh Reconstructed

7th June – 1st July

Delving heavily into the theory of the expanded field, Harry’s work aims to reconstruct the notion that painting , by creating work that delves into the sculptural notion of painting, stretching the limits of his materials and taking advantage of the space it inhabits to create paintings that are more immersive, presenting this through the grotesque imagery of flesh/living tissue.
The imagery of meat offers a foundation for both the paint and the fabric to coalesce both texturally, giving purpose to both of the materials involved in the creation of the painting; it also acts as a guideline for the painting process, influencing the way in which Harry paints his works to achieve the grotesque, meat-like textures of his artwork.

Contact Details are as follows:
Instagram – @templ.art
Website – https://templeharry024.wixsite.com/fineart
Email – [email protected]

Note – The granary space is only accessible via stairs, and is regularly used for classes and courses, this exhibition won’t be available to view whilst these sessions are on.

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