24 September – 3 October 2022

Fuse is an exhibition of work by students from the University of Sunderland glass and ceramics MA programmes.

The students represented in the exhibition have mastered their chosen material and specific techniques to each produce a unique and individual body of work. The resultant pieces are thought-provoking and often personal; they push at boundaries and explore new territory; and they reflect a wide range of subjects and ideas. They are as diverse as the students who made them, but they are united by their focus on quality and their commitment to materials.

The exhibition fuses the disciplines of glass and ceramics, and includes hand-built ceramics; flame-worked, kiln-formed, and blown glass; screen printing; and video. There are soundscapes, live sound, and spoken narratives. There are large statement sculptures and small hand-held pieces; free-standing works, wall pieces, and plinth-based objects. There is also a strong international focus, with work that explores a range of countries and cultures, from the Isle of Skye to Japan; from Fiji to Finland; and from Pakistan to the coast here in the North East. With a range of approaches this exhibition speaks not just about the makers and their experiences and attitudes, but, we hope, will resonate with all those who come to see it.


  • Catriona Archibald
  • Angela Ashton
  • Boo Barwick-Ward
  • Ella Carney
  • Salote Koto
  • Tom Jupp
  • Hassina Khan
  • David King
  • Georgia Robinson

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