Gong Bathing

Thursdays 7pm
Sessions on 19 May + 23 June 2022
Relax and reset with love…

Treat yourself to a sonic and a cellular cleanse for your mind, body and soul.

Pre booking and prepayment is essential as there are limited spaces available, £10 per person

To book e-mail [email protected]

During a Gong Bath
You will be invited to lay down in a very beautiful, safe, warm and cosy space. You may rest in stillness, stretch or move while experiencing cascading layers of sound that are filtered through from the highest source. Ripples of Sound induce a meditative state. Gongs and other instruments provide the opportunity for you to just be; with the aim of entering a blissful place for relaxation, every journey is different; you may explore;
Sensory experiences from small tingles to large engulfing energy waves moving through your body.

A thoughtful or visual experience; where you can encounter mental clarity and see profoundly insightful imagery.

The benefits of Gong Bathing are;
Increasing levels of physical strength and energy,
Deep relaxation
Reductions of stress and anxiety,
Acceleration of physical, emotional and spiritual healing processes,
Awakening of inner beliefs systems,
Development of intuition
Deepens life force energy for creativity and earthly actions

Social distancing is in place at Arts Centre Washington. The building is covid secure. There’s hand sanitisers through out the building, and safe distancing boundaries marked in the theatre.

Come prepared, please wear a mask on entry and when leaving, bring your own blankets, mats pillows. Please do not attend if you have any symptoms or feel unwell.


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