Heritage Reels – A Passion for Vaux

Wednesday 11 September, 1pm, tickets £4

Lonely Tower Film and Media present A Passion for Vaux – Sunderland’s Lost Brewery.

In July 1999, Sunderland was forced to say goodbye to its beloved Vaux Brewery. After 162 years of brewing tradition, the city centre site was abandoned, the victim of money men who thought little of those who had made their lives within its walls. A business where family values and good relationships between management and workforce were paramount, Vaux was an anomaly in the late 20th century world of the ‘Big City’ shareholders.

‘A Passion for Vaux’ – Sunderland’s Lost Brewery, is an account of working Wearside, and the people of Vaux; a story of tradition, loyalty and great beer!

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