Heritage Reels

A curated programme of talks alongside archive films and heritage themed documentaries.

Tuesday 23rd January,  1.30pm, tickets £4

A look back on some of our rich industrial history including mining, shipbuilding and glass making.

Consett: After the Blast (1981)
A Tyne Tees Televsion documentary on the steel-making community of Consett looking at the effects of total unemployment after the steel works was closed down. The film puts the Consett closure in the context of a country with three million unemployed people.

Don’t Forget (1976)
Short sponsored film by Turners Film Productions about preserving the history of coal in the Washington area. The film contains a lot of footage inside the old colliery which is now part of the ‘F’ Pit Museum. The film is narrated by Geordie folk singer Alex Glasgow.

Death of a Miner (1968)
A BBC documentary about Jack Elliott – a 4th generation miner and folk singer. The film was shot before and after Jack’s passing and the closure of Harraton Colliery, and features Jack and his family reminiscing about the pit and politics. The Elliott’s of Birtley came to prominence in the folk revival of the 1960’s.

‘Death of a Miner’ will be followed by a talk from Bill Elliott – Jack’s grandson and prominent local folk singer.

Tuesday 20th February, 1.30pm, tickets £4
Just exactly what did people used to do to pass the time before Xboxes and TicToc! Pigeon racing and pubs!

World Wise ’86: The Fancy (1986)
A Tyne Tees Television documentary shown in the World Wise ’86 series about pigeon fancying and racing in the North East of England. Members of the Up North Combine talk about the history and their passion for the sport linking it to mining and heavy industry along the coast from Yorkshire to Northumberland.

Nice One Sunderland (1974)
A celebration of the potential for business growth in Sunderland with its attractions of housing, schools, cultural facilities and beauty spots, linked with a celebration of Sunderland Football Club winning the Football Association Cup in 1973.

Tuesday 19th March, 1.30pm, tickets £4
Haway the Lads!!! Let’s look back on some glory years of football.

Big Jack’s Other World (1971)
A Tyne Tees Television autobiographical documentary about Jack Charlton, of local and world footballing fame, on a return visit to his family in Ashington far away from the world of top class soccer.

Today at Six: Cup Special (1974)
Phil McDonnell introduces this atmospheric news feature on Newcastle United’s 1974 FA Cup Final defeat against Liverpool at Wembley on 4 May for this Tyne Tees TV Today at Six Cup Special.

Today at Six: Middlesborough Football Song Sung by School Choir (1975)
Entertaining news item of boys’ school choir singing a Middlesbrough Football Club song broadcast on Tyne Tees TV Today at Six news on 19 February 1975.

Meanwhile, Back in Sunderland (1973)
This Tyne Tees Television documentary records ‘a day in the life’ of the town of Sunderland during the FA Cup final that took place on Saturday 5th May 1973, when the underdogs Sunderland Association Football Club beat Leeds United 1-0.

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