Home educators: Architecture Workshop

Join us for our Home Educators: Architecture Workshop on Tuesday 16 May from 9.45-2.30pm.

Suitable for: Children aged 7-12 years old.

£8 per child. Please bring a packed lunch for your child. Drop off and collection will be at National Glass Centre. Parental supervision is optional, but we will require all parents/ guardians to complete a medical and emergency consent form to prior to the workshop.

In this workshop, children will:

  • Explore National Glass Centre and visit St Peter’s Church to compare old and new buildings using a range of sources and materials.
  • Use a viewfinder to make observational drawings, draw a map of the route between the two buildings and use acetate to create a stained glass window design.
  • Learn about different building materials and discuss their uses.
  • Make a glass painted decoration, taking inspiration from the stained glass windows in the church.
  • Learn:
    • About elevation drawings
    • Using a viewfinder
    • Scale
    • Material properties
    • Mapping
    • Stained glass
    • Drawing from observation
    • How to paint on glass
    • How hot glass is shaped into objects
    • Hear about how a waterjet cutter works
  • Get inspired by
    • Architecture
    • Stained glass
    • St Peter’s Church tour
    • Hot glass demonstrations
  • Use
    • Paper, pencils, rulers, view finders, glass, glass paint pens, acetate, markers

Cost: £8 per child / KS2 (adapted for suitability)

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