I Weigh

I Weigh is a brand new theatre show created by young people in response to the online ‘@i_weigh’ movement. The show is a fun and poignant journey through what it is like living in a world that places value on the superficial, distorts self-image and makes you feel like you aren’t always good enough.

When you look at us, what do you see? The one on Instagram pouting, the one on the night out dancing away, the one alone at home stressed about what to do next… which one am I today?

There are so many versions of us that we no longer know who we should be, could be, will one day be. But we know one thing for certain… there is more to us than what you see.

I Weigh is a dynamic and thought-provoking show that explores what we are worth in today’s world.

Running Time: 80 mins (no interval)
Age Guidance: Recommended 13+ (may contain some mild/strong language)