Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Thursday 23 May, 10.30am + 1.30pm, £7 / £25 (family, admits 4), School Groups £5.50

An eccentric professor, her faithful nephew and their fearless guide embark upon a journey of wonder, down into the unexplored regions deep below our feet… Encountering mysteries, monsters and more along the way, they will need all their strength and ingenuity to find a way home again and into the history books!

A fantastical adventure with a human heart. Filled with original music and theatrical magic, 404 Productions’ exciting new show teaches us to never lose our child-like curiosity, to look to the future and that we are who we are because of the journeys we have taken.

Journey to the Centre of The Earth | Rehearsal Trailer | 404 Productions from 404 Productions on Vimeo.

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