Kelly Richardson: Pillars of Dawn

29 March – 2 June

Comprising of a series of video installations and printed images, ‘Pillars of Dawn’ by Canadianborn artist Kelly Richardson explores the changes humans have made to our home planet. The exhibition imagines a desert landscape in which environmental conditions have crystallized the terrain, except for a sequence of solitary trees. Each is populated by several million individual crystals, approximately representing one for every species still existing on Earth at this time.

Developed through conversations with climate scientists over the last decade, the series depicts what at first seems like a fantastical future dreamt up in science fiction. The hyperreal animations and images take in new understandings of how trees and plants survive and raise the question of how we arrived at such a moment of environmental crisis.

The exhibition is accompanied by a new book published by Kerber, Berlin with contributions from writers and academics based in the US, Canada and the UK.

Image: Pillars of Dawn, courtesy of the artist

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