Chinese New Year New Moon Lunar Circle

Wednesday 25 January
6pm – 7pm

Our Moon is a portal through which divine feminine energy flows. Synchronising with the ebb and flow of her rhythms in simple ritual can bring us into a more harmonious state of being. Join wellness practitioner Shaney Barton for a series of lunar meditation evenings in the Winter Gardens this Winter.

In each event we will connect to the energies of the Moon through guided meditation, visualisation and ritual. Observing the Moon’s current aspect, we will work with release and co-creation principles, with focus on the current astrological influences to connect our practice with wider cosmological energies at play.

Each evening will feature a mixture of:

  • Guided meditation and visualisation
  • Breathwork
  • Energetic grounding
  • Moon ritual practice
  • Sky watch
  • Oracle card reading

With 330 degree views of the sky, the Winter Gardens support a gentle interaction with nature and a cocooned space to gather under the sky in the cooler winter months.

7 December 2022: Full Moon in Gemini Lunar Circle

25 January 2023: Chinese New Year of the Rabbit New Moon Lunar Circle

22 February 2023: New Moon in Pisces Lunar Circle

Meet your host: 

Shaney Barton is an intuitive energy healer and artist who leads wellbeing circles and creative workshops. Believing that nature provides remedies for all ails, her work aims to reconnect people back to the natural world, and in turn a state of internal balance.

What to bring: 

Bring a journal or notebook and pen, something to sit on (cushions or chairs provided) and a blanket for comfort and warmth. Dress warm as temperature in the Winter Garden can drop in the evening.

What to expect: 

A gorgeous, safe, comfortable space, where you will be held in candlelight and gentle sound while we perform our Moon practice. You will feel relaxed and refreshed at the end of the session, learning tools that you can take forward with you on your wellness journey.

Please book your session using the link below or via the Museum Shop. Advance booking strongly advised as limited spaces apply.

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