Marjolaine Ryley: This is What I See

15 November – 2 February 2020

Marjolaine Ryley is an artist who works with photography and text, often in relation to archives and social movements. This exhibition is the first to offer an overview of her entire body of work. It encompasses projects created over a full two decades, as well as a brand new series created from 2015 to 2019. Her work invites us to explore ideas of personal memory, social history, familial relationships and how we narrate our lives through images.

This exhibition is part of Observe, Experiment, Archive a programme of activity organised by NEPN at the University of Sunderland exploring photography, science, technology, health and well-being. The project also includes Observe, Experiment, Archive exhibition at Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens. This exhibition which brings together for the first time, the work of eight contemporary photographic artists and reflects on how their art has been informed by historical collections, scientific innovations and our rapidly changing world – bringing into focus the ways in which the universe is mediated and transformed by light and lens.



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