Mr Drayton’s Record Player – Transformer Vs. Is This It

Thursday 15th August, 7pm, Tickets £5

On May 7th 1970, the grandly named Radio Corporation of America or RCA Records opened a brand spanking new record pressing plant in Washington. To celebrate this auspicious event, Arts Centre Washington has teamed up with Mr Drayton and his Record Player to bring you some of the finest albums from the RCA catalogue and production line.

You are invited to come along to listen to four classic albums as they were meant to be heard. On vinyl, from beginning to end with no compression, no shuffle and no tinny speakers. Each album is accompanied with exciting visuals enabling you to turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream. To further enhance your enjoyment, there will be a ludicrously accessible music quiz with top prizes.

This week we’ll be listening to Lou Reed – Transformer and The Strokes – Is This It. Two albums for the price of one! Two snapshots of life in New York City. 1972 vs 2001. Which is the best?

Mr Drayton’s Record Player was established in 2012, bringing top quality sounds and low quality humour to a public desperate for the analogue experience. Mr Drayton is a former BBC producer and presenter, MC, comedian and light entertainer. The Record Player has grooved across the region, from its original home at the Tyneside Cinema, to Sage Gateshead, Baltic, Live Theatre, Durham Gala and a field in Easington.

This event is part of Washington 60 – celebrating 60 years of Washington New Town.

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