MUSE – Sunderland College

18 May – 8 June

Sunderland College’s HND Photography and Fine Art show offers visitors an exciting opportunity to experience the work of young emerging contemporary visual artists in the region. Students will present work of great imagination and technical skill enriching our cultural environment. Much of the work is for sale or commission – ranging from paintings and photographs to sculptural pieces.

Photography student work includes work by-

Kieran Jackson- “The Wanderer”. Landscapes at night capturing the journey of an imagined solitary traveller exploring the byways of the North-East.

Gemma Dobson- Dark, surreal photographs in collaboration with a local poet.

Chelsea Hobkirk- Long exposure fashion photographs and Portraits; introducing movement and energy into a traditionally still and formal medium.

Luke Newby- Macro and close-up photographs of North-East landscapes.

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