My Name is Otto Frank

This is an amateur production presented by Keel Row productions

Thursday 21 April, 7.30pm Tickets £12 / £8

To reserve seats, contact [email protected] or phone Sue Hedworth on 07841349164 – Tickets are not available to book via the arts centre.

‘My Name is Otto Frank’ – is an exploration of the poignant memories of Holocaust survivor, Otto Frank, the father of diarist Anne Frank.

Some of these memories are contented, many are agonising, and all are eventually at peace with a troubled and often hostile world. His dreams revolve around his famous younger daughter. The play highlights the impact of the displacement of many refugees worldwide today as well as in the past: the war in Ukraine springs painfully to mind.

Sue Hedworth, the script writer, says: ”The fascinating thing is that I had the privilege of meeting Otto’s stepdaughter, Eva Schloss. In her nineties, Eva is a tireless campaigner for world peace.

Both widowed, Otto and Eva’s mother married after the war. Under his business-like front, Otto shared his daughter Anne’s romantic spirit and she would have been glad to see how he found happiness again.”

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