Paul Foster – Chasing Shadows

12 July – 20 August
This exhibition is in the Theatre Foyer and The Granary*

Since his retirement from a career in business in 2015 Paul has dedicated himself to painting full time. He first began to paint seriously when he was accepted to pursue a four year placement at Leeds University to study Fine Art in 1973. He continued to paint after graduating, but his time was taken up mostly in pursuing his business career. After retiring from business in 2015 Paul was able to dedicate himself to his love of painting.

Paul’s subjects are mostly landscapes, both locally and also farther afield, including views from a number of countries that he has visited. This exhibition also features one or two paintings from Paul’s university days which show how his work has developed.

Landscape is certainly part of his subject matter but, as the title of the exhibition suggests, there is often another thread which catches his imagination, and that is the life of shadows. He is fascinated by the shadows that often give depth and beauty to the world around us. The smallest shadow can give depth and meaning to a painting and to the landscape.

If we look closely at the shadows that surround us they can often help us to appreciate the wonder of the natural world.

For commissions or enquiries contact Paul by email at [email protected]
or via his Facebook Page 

*Unfortunately the Granary is currently only accessible via stairs, the room is also sometimes used for classes and courses when the exhibition won’t be accessible to view.  If you are making a special trip to see the exhibition its worth checking ahead by calling 0191 561 3455 or e-mail [email protected]

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