People’s Art

NGC Gallery
29 June – 1 December 2024

This exhibition will celebrate art created by unnamed artists.  Objects referred to as Popular Art or Folk Art were often beautiful, functional and part of daily life. They reflect our economic and social history and were often remarkably well made, evidenced by their survival for decades or more through constant use.

Despite the historic and aesthetic importance of these objects we rarely ask ‘who was the artist?’, or consider their importance within the history of art and design.  People’s Art will aim to elevate the profile of popular art by commissioning five contemporary artists to respond to selected objects loaned from Compton Verney’s Folk Art collection and from a private collection. The newly commissioned works will be shown alongside the loans, encouraging the visitor to think about the principles we apply when considering the value of art.

Image credit: ‘A late 19th Century welsh quilt made in Carmarthenshire’. 228 x 203 cm. Victorian cotton. Cotton Batting. Carmarthenshire. Collection of Jen Jones 

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