Poems of Town Screening

Tuesday 22 February, 7pm, Free

This event forms part of this year’s Bright Lights: Youth Arts Festival 2022

Running time 45 mins

Poems of Town was Arts Centre Washington’s contribution to Here and Now. A national celebration of culture within communities, 40 projects took place in and around 40 arts centres across the country throughout 2020 and into 2021, led by artists and co-created with local people.  
The project was supported by Arts Council England and Future Arts Centres, marking The National Lottery’s 25th birthday. 
Arts Centre Washington’s project Poems of Town invited celebrated Sunderland musicians Field Music and poet Paul Summers to work with young people to connect the isolated village communities of Washington through music and words. 
Due to the Pandemic the project had to change in nature and sessions that where originally going to take place over Easter 2020 eventually took place via Zoom from Feb 2021, with Field Music and Paul Summers.   
Paul was inviting the young people to think about the way that they use descriptive language and how they think of their locality. They were asked to collect pictures and videos for inspiration. The young people then started to develop musical ideas 
The young musicians finally got to meet up in person in May 2021, when the Arts Centre reopened to the public and they started rehearsing and develop the tracks for a performance at Arts Centre Washington 

The group performed the final tracks in the theatre of Arts Centre Washington on Saturday 26 June 2021 in front of a small, invited audience. 

The recording of this performance and documentary will be screened for the first time as part of Arts Centre Washington’s Bright Lights Youth Arts Festival on Tuesday 22 February.  The film will also be available to watch via Arts Centre Washington social media accounts and the Sunderland Culture You Tube account. 

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