Pursuers of the Future

Pursuers of the Future is set to be an epic story written for the city of Sunderland by north east playwright Scott Young. Commissioned by Sunderland Culture and based on a mix of myth and folklore, as well as discussions with the people of Sunderland.

Join Sunderland Culture on Sunday 22nd November at 7pm for a live reading of the first 16 pages of Pursuers of the Future via live stream on Sunderland Culture’s Facebook page. Across this informal run through, we’d love you to give feedback, make suggestions and ask questions – it will help us structure the final draft of Pursuers of the Future.

Early in the summer following a round of Sunderland community conversations, playwright Scott Young completed a first draft of a new community play for Sunderland. Members of the community then took part in online Zoom workshops to further develop the text. From there Scott completed a 2nd draft and now on Sunday 22nd November at 7pm, a cast of community performers will be reading a staged Zoom run through of the first portion of the play.

Oh! Cast your eyes upon this coastal plain….

Where days have left long gone now in the past, And leave your thoughts and pause just for a while, And think what was, and wonder “Could it last?”

The city is tired, a wasteland, with jobs constantly at threat, and with families often at war. Somewhere in the water a monster is waking, ready to attack, but maybe, just maybe, hope springs eternal.

Jackie has lost his wife, Steve just wants something to change and Rav just wishes that Sunderland would win a bloody football match.

As Fiona, Charlie and Stu sit around the park and discuss their hopes and fears, and their lack of dreams, they must decide if they’re willing to sit back and watch the city fall, or make one last stand and find something worth fighting for….

Join us on Sunday 22nd November at 7pm live on Sunderland Culture’s Facebook page to watch along and give us your feedback.

For more information and any accessibility questions please email Corinne: [email protected]

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Part of Great Place Unify Project, led by Sunderland Culture’s Corinne Kilvington.

Pursuers of the Future is a project produced by Sunderland Culture through our Great Place programme and made possible by National Lottery players, funded by Arts Council England and National Lottery Heritage Fund.


Image credit:
Ethan Wilkinson

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