SR1 Residency Exhibition

Mackie’s Corner, 3 – 27 July

A brand-new contemporary art exhibition exploring responses to the city’s Pink Lustreware heritage.

SR1 Residency is the culmination of a successful nine-month residency programme,
produced by independent curator Vincent Todd, and features the work of two emerging local
artists – Susan Ann Loughlin and Claire Todd.

Selected by a panel of experts, Susan and Claire spent nine months creating pieces of
contemporary art about Sunderland’s heritage, focusing on the theme of Pink Lustreware,
which was once a major industry in the city. Made mostly in the 19th Century, in several
potteries around Sunderland, lustreware uses a metallic glaze to give pottery an iridescent

Planned by Sunderland University graduate Vincent Todd during his MA in Curating in 2018,
SR1 Residency is a collaborative project with Sunderland Culture, MBC Arts Wellbeing CIC,
and University of Sunderland, funded by Arts Council England.

About the artists:

Sunderland-born artist Susan Ann Loughlin, who utilises a multidisciplinary approach and whose work is often inspired by the industrial legacy of the North East, attempts to capture the human story behind the production of Pink Lustreware. In Body of Work 2019 Susan highlights the contrast between the distinctive, feminine decorative aesthetic qualities of the ceramics, and the psychological and physical impact of the intensive labour required to produce them.

 Fine artist Claire Todd takes her inspiration for the exhibition from the natural world and has responded to Sunderland’s unique ‘cannonball’ limestone rock formations, which can only be found in certain parts of the world. Blending the forms of these geological phenomena with a pink lustre, Claire has created sculptures reflective of the landscape. Accompanying these objects are costumes with ceramics stitched and woven into the garments signifying Sunderland’s heritage.

Location: Mackie’s Corner, High Street West, Sunderland, SR1 1TE

Opening Times:
Evening Preview will be 5-8pm on 5 th July.
Opening times: 10.30-2pm
Week 1 – 2nd/3rd/4th/5th July
Week 2 – 10th/11th/12th/ 13th July
Week 3 – 16th/17th/18th/19th July
Week 4 – 26th/27th July

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