Stained Glass – FREE Course!

Are you a teenager, or a parent with teenage children?

This February & March we’re hosting a five-day course which will enable teenagers to learn the basics of Stained Glass – absolutely FREE of charge!

In partnership with The Creative Dimension Trust, this Stained Glass course is aimed at those aged 14-18 years and will offer a comprehensive introduction into the process of traditional methods of stained glass making.

The course runs from 22 February 2020 until 28 March 2020 (excluding the 14 March) and is based at National Glass Centre. During this course you will learn traditional basic stained glass techniques, including, glass cutting, painting and stained, leading and cementing to construct your own small stained glass panel. Work with artist Sue Delbridge to develop your ideas and select the best approach to realise your design in glass to create a unique panel.

Sue Delbridge is an artist who uses traditional methods of stained glass making to create her own artist language to express themes of life and death and the fragility of life itself. Using glass as a canvas she communicates her ideas in the form of stained glass panels and light-boxes. She believes painting and drawing on glass creates images in colour and light that no other medium can. She draws inspiration from a variety of sources including illustration, fairy tales, medieval stained glass and tapestry and tattoo art. It is her desire to inspire a new generation to engage with the medium of stained glass as she believes it can be used to tell narratives about the world and communities that we live in today.

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