Sunderland Indie: Earth Requiem pt 1/ A Place Unknown

Sunderland Indie Double Exhibition: 12 April – 28 May

Earth Requiem pt 1

Earth Requiem is an ambitious exhibition and series of events organised by The Sunderland Indie, presenting creative responses to the climate crisis.

Through painting, sculpture, photography, film, music, poetry, dance, performance, talks and discussions, Sunderland’s artistic community will open a dialogue with the wider public on the most important issue facing life on planet earth today. The exhibition promises to be thoughtful, poetic, experimental, challenging but always compelling

Visual artists include Benjamin Freeth, Chris Kent, Roland Buckingham-Hsiao, Stephanie Smith, James Wilkinson, Denise Dowdeswell, Anthony Barstow, Angela Sandwith, Barrie West, Ian Boddy, Wendy Gibson Carroll, Mike Clay, Richard MacLeod, Mike Glover, Ellie Clewlow, and Alexander McGorlick.


A Place Unknown

A Place Unknown.  Sunderland Indie artists have been making hybrid art; by lifting an idea from others work and developing it, to see where it went. “It’s like following a map across town and then taking an unknown back lane to get lost. Great fun!”

The artists have taken themselves out of their comfort zone and into someone else’s to take part in this “astonishing, challenging and exciting” new project!

A culmination of many artists “getting lost” in their work.

 “We leave our egos at the door and just take a chance”, with the result of a totally fresh and unusual collection of work

“good artists copy, great artists steal”

Pablo Picasso

The Sunderland Indie would like to thank Sunderland Culture for its continued support for Earth Requiem and A Place Unknown.

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