The Hidden Garden

Theatre Company Blah Blah Blah presents The Hidden Garden
Thursday 10th October, 10.30am & 1.30pm, tickets £7 / £25 (family, admits 4)

A magical tale of a blooming unlikely friendship.

Hidden amongst the concrete high-rises and the redbrick buildings is something pretty unexpected. A place bursting with colour where flowers, fruits and vegetables come to life in every corner growing up walls, twisting around handrails and planted in unusual objects.

A curious child discovers this hidden garden and meets the man who has created his own little paradise to brighten up the grey and to feed those for whom hunger is never far away.

Join this unlikely duo and be part of the bond that sprouts when they go on an enchanting adventure together.

For children age 5+ and their grown ups.

This performance will celebrate how gardening brings communities together and breathes new life into abandoned places. It will gently highlight food poverty, recycling, activism, and the power of reclaiming space.

For school enquiries or groups of 10+ please email [email protected]

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