Sound Design and Storytelling Workshop

Saturday 25 February, 10am – 4pm

A free workshop for 13-19 year olds in creative storytelling and sound design, using folklore as a focus.

Are you interested in storytelling? Music? Filmmaking? Podcasting?

In this unique workshop we’ll explore the world of creative storytelling and sound design by creating an audio retelling of The Lambton Worm myth. Discussing storytelling and adapting tales for modern audiences, we’ll look at how we can find inspiration, what sounds we can expect to come across, and how they can help bring our story to life.

We’ll then create and record sound effects and narration, using a variety of different mics and recording techniques. We’ll be exploring effects and encouraging experimentation. We’ll also look at how music can affect the mood of a scene, using the ideas of attendees to create short pieces for each part of the tale.

The final product will be an audio retelling of The Lambton Worm – both as a standalone story and as an interactive sound walk – complete with original score, narration, and sound effects, all created by attendees.

There will be a 1-hour break at 12pm with lunch provided.

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This free workshop is part of Bright Lights Youth Arts Festival

Bright Lights Youth Arts Festival is supported by Sunderland City Council’s Washington Area Committee as part of our Creative You Project

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