The Lost Feather: A Sensory Storytelling Adventure

Oily Cart presents The Lost Feather: A Sensory Storytelling Adventure
Thursday 13th July, 10.30am & 1.30pm, Tickets £7 / £25 (family, admits 4)

The magical, musical, sensory Cart is wheeling its way across the UK, delivering Oily Cart’s unique brand of multi-sensory mayhem, designed for all children, (especially disabled children and their families.)

In this interactive, accessible, storytelling session, everyone is part of the action! All together, you will open up the Cart – bursting with colours, textures, music and puppets- to discover the story of ‘The Lost Feather ’.

This storytelling session features live music and sensory play. The tone is fast, upbeat and noisy. It lasts 45 minutes and has no interval. It’s a relaxed environment where children are able to move around and make noise (in fact, it’s encouraged!)

What to expect

– The Lost Feather is 45 minutes long.

– It is for disabled and non-disabled children, and their families and friends. We have created the show with children who experience the most barriers to access in mind.

– Our suggested age range is 4-11 years old, but everyone is welcome.

– It is an interactive session with a professional storyteller, not a show/performance.

– It is a relaxed session. This means that it is okay to move around, go out and come back in, and make noise.

– The session is interactive. You can join in if you want to, but you don’t have to – it’s fine to just watch.

– The story involves quite a lot of words. The storyteller will use some Makaton.

– We have answered some questions you might have about the show here.

– If you have any more questions, contact Flossie at [email protected]

Read and download a Visual Guide below:

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