Tim Mitchell: The Hopeless Transport Archive

31 August – 27 October

NGCA Collections Space

“The Hopeless Transport Archive focuses on one particular type of artefact at the end of the industrial era: it looks at artefacts that are about to become ‘extinct’. Put another way, the ‘Hopeless Transport Archive’ is a whole repository of dying industrial objects. It is also an indictment of the costs of late capitalism – of the astonishing waste we create, of our carelessness towards the artefacts we create, and of our profligate use of resources.” – Tim Mitchell, 2019

The Hopeless Transport Archive is a vast collection of photographic images of abandoned vehicles, accumulated over two full decades by artist Tim Mitchell, found on his travels across the whole of Europe.

Mitchell is interested in what happens to objects over the course of their entire life-span, and to all the materials that they are made of – topics both explored and questioned throughout this body of work.


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