Wild Heart – Elemental Dance, Live Music & Gong Bathing

Saturday 28 May, 7-10pm, £15 pp
Welcome to Wild Heart…

A fusion of dance, music and sound healing.
Join Tracey – Sacred Gongs + Mark – African Drums
Each month they invite a guest musician to join us and together we will weave some magic.

Let us listen to our Wild Hearts.
Let us trust and follow the wisdom of our bodies
Let us feel our feelings
Let us be present in the moment and to each other
Let our energies soar and return home
and journey together into our Wild Hearts

We will be held and supported by the elements of Earth, water, fire and air to access joy which is the gateway to abundance
I lie still, resting on a grassy cliff top
Body breathing in the fragile land
Eaten away by endless waves

High in the air with the soaring, soulful birds
Sunlight dances on my eyelids
Teasing memories of past Summer days
Hopeful of Spring’s arrival
Grateful for winter night’s whispered visions
Dark stillness, warmed by fire and song and laughter
Wild wind on my face
Tears of cold and gratitude
My body porous to nature’s magic
Eternal, cyclic and yet unpredictable
Returning to self, belonging to Earth
Rejuvenated and recharged by wild nature

Wild heart
Arrival from 6.45 for a prompt 7pm start

Time to land, Tracey will guide you through a warm up with visualisation and breath work that allows us to check in with our bodies. Then we will dive into a delicious elemental dance with live music.
Mark will bring his hand pan and range of African drums. Guest musician will add more layers to the magic

Time to rest, integrate and reset with love to the beautiful cascading layers of sound from Tracey’s gongs and other instruments.

closing circle and farewells

What to bring
This is a non alcohol event. Bring your own water bottle. Wear soft comfortable clothing to move in and a mat, pillows and blankets to create your cosy gong nest.

Tracey has over 30 years of dance performance and sound healing experience . She loves to follow her wild heart and facilitates somatic movement voice work and gong bathing with various communities regionally and nationally. She creates safe spaces for people of all ages and abilities to come together, and share dance, music, art and sound healing.

Mark has 20 years of experience as a musician, performer and teacher. He integrates an extensive knowledge of West African rhythm and song with improvisational music making using djembe and bass drums and the hand pan (a modern sound sculpture). Mark also recognises the value of voice, movement, ritual and the wisdom of the circle in creating transformative, sacred spaces.

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