Workshop: Identity Collage ‘WHO ARE YOU?’

Saturday 10th December, 11am-1pm
NGCA Main Gallery
Drop in over a 2-hour period 11am-1pm (Accessible for all ages and varying abilities)

Please be advised this exhibition contains nudity

The workshop Identity Collage explores the intricate identities of participants through collage and photomontage delivered by artist Dami Fawehinmi.  Fawehinmi responds to Rimaldas Vikšraitis’ work to talk about West African photography, collage and artistic styles to create representation in marginalised communities. Participants are asked bring in their own imagery to create a collage significant to who they are and where they are from, tying in their own experiences as individuals.

Examples will be provided on the day by the artist to give ideas about composition and layout and support throughout the session to discuss ideas, material, and aesthetic. To sum up the session each person will show and share an element about their work to the group.

The participants are asked to bring imagery with them however collage material will also be provided for those who may join on the day.

Read more about the exhibition Rimaldas Vikšraitis: Daily Rituals of Work and Play.

Daily Rituals of Work and Play has been curated by Janina Sabaliauskaitė.

This project is in partnership with the Lithuanian Culture Institute and supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. 

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