Workshop: Live Drawing: Becoming Other

Saturday 19 November, 11am-2pm
NGCA Main Gallery
Drop in over a 3-hour period 11am-2pm (Accessible for all ages and varying abilities)
FREE / No booking required

Please be advised this exhibition contains nudity

Live Drawing: Becoming Other Workshop aims to explore the subject matter, composition, and playfulness in the work of Lithuanian photographer Rimaldas Vikšraitis via the process of life drawing. Vikšraitis is best known for his artistic documentary photographs of Lithuanian rural life, but these works are not just straightforward reportage; Vikšraitis alongside this captures a strange beauty in his imagery offering a mix of voyeurism, surrealism, and social, political, and sexual history.

The workshop will offer a theatrical arrangement to draw from. A model will be dressed and pose using various props, such as masks, kitchenware, natural forms, and costume calling to mind elements encapsulated within Vikšraitis’ imagery.

The workshop will be delivered by Artists Natalie Gale and Adam Wilson- Holmes, a collaborative drawing performance, in response to Rimaldas Vikšraitis photographic imagery.

Read more about the exhibition Rimaldas Vikšraitis: Daily Rituals of Work and Play.

Daily Rituals of Work and Play has been curated by Janina Sabaliauskaitė.

This project is in partnership with the Lithuanian Culture Institute and supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. 

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