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  • Rainbow Beads

    Download the worksheet with instructions here: Creative Challenge Rainbow Beads 

    You will need:
    Scrap paper with some colour on. Look through magazines, junk mail, newspapers, wrapping paper
    Clear tape
    Something to wrap the paper around, such as a pencil
    String, thread or wire


  • Rainbow Rocks

    There are two options for this; decorate real rocks from your garden or make your own using paper mâché. Whichever one you do, display them in your window so that people know you’re staying safe by staying home.

    Download the worksheet with instructions here: Creative Challenge Rainbow Rocks

    If you have real rocks….

    You will need: Paint or felt tips

    Instructions: Simply paint on a colourful rainbow design like ours below! Display them in your yard, garden or window sill so others can see them.


    If you want to make your own rocks…

    You will need:
    Newspaper or scrap paper such as old magazines, junk mail, used envelopes, tin foil. You’ll need some that isn’t glossy for the outside.
    Tape or elastic bands
    PVA glue *see below for alternatives
    Paint brush

    1. Screw up old paper or foil into balls about the size of a fist or tennis ball. Use up any shiny or glossy paper for this part, save any newspaper and nonshiny bits for step 3. Keep one side flat for the base.

    2. Tape it in place or wrap elastic bands round to keep the shape.

    3. Rip your scrap paper into small pieces. Newspaper is best but everyday writing paper or printer paper or envelopes work too.

    4. Make a watered down PVA by adding a little water and mixing it together. It needs to be quite runny so it’s easy to paint on and will dry quickly. Recycled plastic packaging makes a good mixing bowl, or an old jar. (Make small amounts and top it up as you need to).

    5. Paint your PVA mixture onto the first rock and cover it with the pieces of paper. Just do one layer for now. Paint over the joins to help the pieces stay stuck down. If you’ve made a few rocks repeat this step for all of them now and leave them to dry.

    6. Add more layers of paper. Make sure your paper pieces overlap the ones underneath so you don’t have any gaps as these will create weak points. Leave each layer to dry in between. Aim to do at least three layers if you can.

    7. Leave your rocks to dry overnight.

    8. Paint your rocks with a base colour to cover up the print from your newspaper then leave them to dry.

    9. Decorate your rocks with rainbow designs.

    *You can use wall paper paste but follow the safety instructions carefully as it may contain fungicide. You can also make your own glue using equal parts flour and water. Add a bit of salt to stop it from going mouldy!

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