Dinosaurs and fossils

  • Dinosaur and Fossils family pack

    Dinosaurs and Fossils

    Inspired by the geology collections at  Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens, this pack is full of creative activities for children to enjoy – from fun dino facts and colouring sheets to creative activities such as making your own fossils and a Dino Dinorama!

  • Dino Egg Hunt
    Join us on a virtual dino egg hunt!

    Can you help Tina the Triceratops find her 8 dino babies that are hiding around the virtual Winter Gardens? They’ve just hatched from their eggs and are really hungry but what healthy snacks do they want to eat?

    Find out by clicking on each baby dino in our virtual Dino Egg Hunt below to reveal a clue and a special letter. Collect the answers on your activity sheet as you go along and then unscramble the letters to spell a themed word!

    You can download and print your Dino Egg Hunt activity sheet here: Dino Egg Hunt Activity Sheet

    Dino Egg Hunt – How To Guide

    – You will find the 8 dino babies and dinosaurs in different ‘scenes’ around the virtual Winter Gardens. The opening scene also has clickable symbols (a clipboard and musical note) to download the activity sheet and to play a video of songs.
    – Click on the dino babies and dinosaurs in the scenes to reveal different facts and clues.
    – You can pan around in each scene to search for the dino babies and dinosaurs.
    – To move left, right, up and down in a scene swipe the touchscreen on your phone or i-pad with your finger. To move around a scene on a laptop, hold down the left-side of the touchpad with your finger as you swipe left, right, up and down on the touchpad with your other finger.
    – To move from scene to scene in the Winter Gardens click on the arrows on the floor.
    – You can follow the arrows in different directions around the Winter Gardens to find the dino babies and dinosaurs.




  • Make your own Dinomites!



    Download all the dinosaur templates and instructions here: Creative Challenge: Dinomites

    What you need: Cardboard, scissors

    Instructions: Draw around your template onto cardboard. If you’re working on thick card, you might need to make your slot a little bit wider to fit both pieces together. You can colour, collage or paint onto your card shapes before assembling if you like.

    We’d love to see what you’ve made so remember to share your finished dinomites!


  • Dinosaur Mania

    Our dinosaurs are missing all the visitors to the Museum and can’t wait to see you all again. If you’re missing them why not try this dinosaur challenge to test your knowledge and get creative?

    Download the full quiz here: Creative Challenge Dinosaur Mania

    What you need: paper, a pencil or pen, colouring pencils. If you get stuck you can use the internet to search for the answers.

    Instructions: (if you can’t download the quiz worksheet above)

    1. It’s Easter and everyone is thinking about eggs! Can you draw a baby dinosaur hatching out of an egg?

    2. How many teeth did a T-Rex have?

    3. In our Winter Gardens we have a descendant of the dinosaurs which can still be found today. What type of animal is it? Crocodile, Rabbit, or Owl

    4. Scientists are starting to find evidence that dinosaurs might have been many different colours. If you designed a dinosaur what colours would you choose?

    5. Dinosaurs can have unusual names but which of these are real? Gasosaurus, Arthurdactylus, Supersaurus, Pantydraco, Melsaurasaurus

    6. The Therizinasaurus had the longest claw of any dinosaur. How long could they be? 50cm, 100cm, 35cm, 150cm, or 200cm

    7. Which famous fossil hunter found her first dinosaur fossil when she was 12? Clue – she lived in Dorset.

    8. Which famous dinosaur came to visit Newcastle last year?

    9. How many horns does a triceratops have? 

    10. Palaentologists find lots of fossils in the U.S.A. Some states even have a state fossil or a state dinosaur. Which has the Utahraptor as its state dinosaur?

    11. How many other words can you find in the word dinosaur?


  • Creative Challenge: Dino Diorama

    Creative Challenge: Use lots of imagination and create a Dino Diorama for your own dinosaurs inspired by the Winter Gardens.

    Download the full instructions in the worksheet here: Creative Challenge Dino Diorama

    What you need: Paper, colouring pencils or pens or paint ,scissors, glue, large box eg. cereal box/ shoe box/ Easter egg box, bit of card.

    Other things you could use: magazines, wool, pipe cleaners, cotton wool, tissue paper, egg boxes

    Tip: Before you start look up pictures of what the landscape looked like when dinosaurs roamed the earth.


    Step 1: Take a piece of paper (you may need to use more than one sheet) and draw your background or draw straight onto the box whichever you find easiest.

    Step 2: Stick the drawing into the box

    Step 3: Now draw trees, rocks and plants onto your card. Leave a tab at the bottom you can fold under. You can make 3D models just remember to leave a tab to fold under. Make them in lots of different sizes.

    Step 4: Cut them out fold the tab under and stick them in place. If you have made lots of different sizes remember to put the littlest at the back and the biggest at the front.

    Step 5: You could use tissue paper for trees and plants, add rocks made from egg boxes, blue card or wool for a river or a lake and many other things. Use lots of imagination.

    Step 6: Add your dinosaurs to their new home!

    Top tip: If you don’t yet have your own dinosaurs then check out our first Dinomites challenge to see how to make some!

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