Looking back to the past and forward to the future

  • Castles and Heritage family pack

    Castles and Heritage

    This pack will explore castles, local landmarks and famous historical figures with activities such as  model castle building and heraldry.

  • Memory Scavenger Hunt

    For this activity children are encouraged to ask questions of their older relatives about their childhood memories. You can also take part in challenges to help kids make and record memories with their family/carers.

    Download the full activity here: Memory Scavenger Hunt

  • Sounds and Vision - inter-generational activity

    Artist Andrew Holder has created a step-by-step worksheet which encourages conversations about music between different generations. There’s also some drawing activities! 

    Download the full activity here: Sound and Vision

  • Beloved Portraits - inter-generational family activity

    Artist Andrew Tift has created a series of intricately drawn pencil portraits of residents living in Washington care homes.

    This exhibition was previously show at Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens to accompany the exhibition Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing and was supposed to open at Arts Centre Washington in 2020.

    Inspired by the exhibition, we’ve created a fun family activity for you to share with your grandparents or someone older that you look up to!

    Download the activity here: Beloved Portraits

    Plus, you can now explore the exhibition online instead!

    one day you’ll be older too


  • Past and Future Heroes

    A useful resource to help children find out more about local heroes and to write, in a positive way, about themselves and others!

    Be inspired by Sunderland’s heroes and create your own superhero identity! What would your super power be? Would you have a costume?

    Download the activity here: Past and Future Heroes