Chapter 10 – Teaching resources

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This section is full to the brim with arts-based teaching resources for busy primary teachers! Free, fun and fitting your school outcomes in cross-curricular subjects. 


As part of ArtsFix we have a range of free engaging lessons plans for use in your school.

They range from creative writing to illustrations to Morris dancing to environments.

The resources can be used as part of your curriculum planning or as part of a creative day in school. You can adapt them to suit the needs of your pupils as you need.

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Click on each section below to explore the lessons plans for that theme.

Pyrex 100 – Education pack

Celebrating innovation and creativity in Sunderland (and the world!)

Target age: KS2

Key Themes: The pack contains a potted history of Pyrex, invented in the USA and produced for over 80 years in Sunderland, and explores a number of themes and subjects, offering ideas and resources for cross curricular projects and activities.

DownlOad Education Pack 

Alex Beeching – Illustration

Explore illustration and creativity with your class.

Target age: 7-11 year olds /KS1 to KS2

Key Themes: abstract art/ mathematics/ graphs/ the great composers,/geometric shapes/ history/ visual thinking/ monsters through the ages/ musical instruments

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Becci Sharrock – Creative Writing

Innovative activities to engage pupils in creative writing.

Target age: 8-11 years old

Key Themes: poetry/literacy/manifestos/speeches/viewpoints/zine making

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Brandon Lee Sears – Empowerment Learning

Discover how to effectively optimise the motivational climate in your classroom.

Target key stage: All ages

Key Themes: Inspiration/empowerment/motivational classroom climate/improvisation/theatre



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Elizabeth Kane – Visual Arts

Explore the history of Sunderland and the industries that represent the city using visual arts.

Lesson plans target key stage: Suitable for KS1-2

Creative Sunderland target key stage: Suitable for Y6 or above

Key Themes: Architecture/Design Technology/STEAM/local history/glass/history of Sunderland/National Glass Centre/Arts Award


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Julie Bowman – Dance & Movement

Explore dance and movement through curriculum themes.

Target age: KS2

Key Themes: Dance through art/climate change/WWII/Chinese Dragon Dance/Flamenco Dance/Morris dance/Scottish dancing/Samba and African dancing

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Maxwell Golden – Rap & creative writing

Bring excitement and creativity to creative writing and literacy in your classroom.

Target age: from ages 6+

Key Themes: Free writing/literacy/emotion poetry/prompt writing

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Nicola Lynch – Environmental-inspired visual arts

Explore how arts and creativity can support pupil’s understanding of the environment and climate change.

Target age: Various for KS1 and KS2

Key Themes: Changing world/re-purposing/fashion/recycle crafts/waste crafts

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Sally Southern – SEND visual arts

A series of inclusive and innovative lesson plans that are adaptable to suit the needs of your pupils.

SEND resources

Key Themes: Nature crafts/illustration/3D modelling/map making/paper crafts/nature trails/den making/patchwork


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Sam Ivin – Photography & digital collage

Explore photography and creative ways to create artwork using digital media.

Target age range: all ages

Key Themes: Digital portraiture/photo editing/photo-walks/collage


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Tina Corri –


Explore STEAM curriculum and make links to Sunderland area and local landmarks.

Target age range: KS2 but can be adapted for older or younger pupils

Key Themes: Architecture/invention/building bridges/designs for the future/history/STEAM/history of Sunderland

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Woven Nest – Multisensory film

An interactive multisensory film called Roaming River produced for use in your classroom for SEND learners.

SEND resource

Key Themes: Film/multisensory/nature/adventure/exploration

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