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Creative You Consent Form

Please read and ensure you are fully aware of the contents of the document before you sign. While taking part in classes and courses at the Arts Centre your child may be photographed or recorded on video for evaluation purposes. Arts Centre Washington, Sunderland Culture or Sunderland City Council may choose to use this material for publicity purposes and these images may appear in local or national newspapers, or on televised news programmes. To comply with the UK Date Protection Act 1998, your permission is needed before we are able to use an image or any likeness of your child. No image or likeness will be used without your permission. If it is given, you may remove your permission at any time by contacting Arts Centre Washington on 0191 561 3456 or [email protected] The form must not be signed by a minor (anyone under 18 years). Permission for a minor must come from a parent or legal guardian. I give my permission for the likeness of my child/ward to be used by Arts Centre Washington, Sunderland City Council and Sunderland Culture for the reasons specified above, until such time as I remove my permission.

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