Sunderland Photographic Association

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Sunderland Photographic Association was founded in 1888 and its Annual Exhibition has always been the highlight of each season.

As the exhibition features the best work of its members it includes a wide variety of colour and monochrome work including portraiture, landscapes, nature, street photography, still life and creative images produced by combining several photographs.
The Association meets on the first and third Thursdays of each month from September to April. More information can be found on it’s website

Read our local photographers Q&A here

Gallery 1

Several of Sunderland Photographic Association’s members regularly enter and achieve success in international competitions and several of the images in this exhibition have been
shown in international salons.

There is also a club competition based on the exhibition which was judged by Dave Phillips and the winning entries in this were:

Colour Prints  
1st Dark Castle – Geof Bradshaw
2nd Rhinga Campestris Preening – Joe Finlay
3rd Enigma –  John Doyle
Monster from the Deep by Edgar Beveridge,
Frosty Morning Rannoch byCliff Banks
and Wait for the Tram by Geof Bradshaw were highly commended.

Monochrome Prints  
1st Saltburn – Geof Bradshaw
2nd  The Exploding Sea –  John Doyle
3rd St Aidans Chapel – Joe Finlay
Stand and Deliver and Lone Fisherman both by Graham MacBeth
and Steetley Stumps by John Doyle were highly commended.

Digital Images 
1st   Bubble Magician  – Edgar Beveridge
2nd Common Darter – Joe Finlay
3rd  Watching Waves – John Doyle
Spider Girl by John Doyle,
Dark Alley by Geof Bradshaw
and Misty Morning by Cliff Banks were highly commended.

Gallery 2

Gallery 3


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