Washington Young Film Makers Collective

Kentucky Fried Rat – When a food critic arrives at a restaurant, the staff think things couldn’t get any worse until a mischievous rat is spotted in the kitchen.
Mind – A boy struggles to come to terms with some devastating news. With friends and family pushing him away, who can he turn to?
Film Club – A documentary crew goes behind the scenes with a young people’s film club, as they start production on their next big movie.

The Washington Sketch Show – a series of comedy sketches – a birthday party gone awry; an easy museum heist; a summoning with unexpected consequences.

Vampire Noir – a noir-comedy short about a young detective who awakes to find herself bitten by a vampire. With only 24hrs left before she turns, she must figure out who the culprit was.

Splat – a sci-fi short about a group of bored students whose day is turned upside down when they discover a mysterious glowing egg.

Slice – a horror-comedy short about a group of pizza-worshipping occultists trying to root out a traitor in their ranks.

Slice made it into the official selection of Sunderland Shorts Film Festival 2023 as part of the Young, Emerging & Student Showcase at The Fire Station.

The Grey Lady – a horror-comedy short about a group of teenagers breaking into a haunted manor in search of a ghost.

The Grey Lady had its premiere at the opening night of Bright Lights: Youth Arts Festival 2023 to a sell-out audience.

Creative You is supported by Sunderland City Council’s Washington Area Committee.

The project based from Arts Centre Washington and led by Sunderland Culture in partnership with Washington Mind.

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